Aha Instructor Sign In (2024)

1. Sign In or Create an Account - American Heart Association

  • American Heart Association · International Inquiries · Let's get started

  • National Center 7272 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75231

2. AHA Instructor Network - Review Renew ACLS

  • The AHA Instructor Network is where you will find your Instructor ID, AHA training updates, List your upcoming courses, view your eCards, and access the ...

  • The AHA Instructor Network is where you will find your Instructor ID, AHA training updates, List your upcoming courses,  view your eCards, and access the Program Administration Manual (AHA Rules and Regulations) - This Page is exclusive to AHA Instructors only. 



  • Sign in or Create an Account page. EXISTING USER: SIGN IN. • Users with an existing AHA SSO account may use their login information to sign in. • Users ...

5. [PDF] AHA Instructor Network FAQ

  • STEP A - Signing up for the AHA Instructor Network. 1. If you have not already registered with the network click on the Register link (please see below) and ...

6. American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor ...

  • STEP 1 – SIGN UP: Participants must first check the upcoming class schedule and secure a spot by enrolling in the class. Click to enroll in an AHA BLS ...

  • This course provides registrants the opportunity to become an AHA instructor, who is passionate about saving lives and can facilitate learning in a group setting, while teaching learners to understand complex concepts about BLS. An instructor candidate must complete all requirements and align with an approved primary AHA TC (Training Center) authorized by the AHA to teach in that territory before teaching a course other than the initial monitored course. Only instructors aligned with a TC are authorized to teach courses and issue course completion cards. Upon successful completion of this course, Instructors will be able to teach all AHA Basic Life Support courses including Heartsaver CPR/AED, Family & Friends CPR, K-12 Heartsaver CPR/AED, Heartsaver First Aid, and Pediatric First Aid.

7. Instructor Links

  • Thanks for using Instructor Links. A few important reminders: - Use the "Welcome Sign" so students can sign into your classes.

  • American Heart Association Authorized Training Center

8. Instructor Resources - Amerimed CPR Training

  • Your AHA Instructor manual; Your BLS Instructor Essentials online course (you can review this at anytime); The AHA Instructor Network (login in to your account)( ...

  • You will find course resources and the answers to most of your questions in one of the following resources:

9. AHA Instructor Accessories - WorldPoint

  • AHA instructor pins feature the AHA logo in full color and the specific course ... Sign Up to Newsletter. Get all the latest information on Events, Sales and ...

  • Shop our assortment of AHA instructor accessories and healthcare training supplies at WorldPoint, the authorized distributor of the AHA.

10. CPRverify

  • This online tool enables students, instructors, and training centers to quickly verify training completed by an authorized AHA instructor. ... Sign In. Email.

  • The American Heart Association is dedicated to saving more lives through research, training, and education. CPRverify is our new web-based program designed specifically to support our dedicated training network.

Aha Instructor Sign In (2024)
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