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You’ve been searching for Court TV on your DIRECTV for the last hour, but you still can’t find it. So, you keep wondering: ‘Where is Court TV on DIRECTV?’

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…

Court TV is not on DIRECTV. However, the original court TV, which was rebranded as TruTV in 2008, is available on DIRECTV. You can find TruTV on channels 246 and 269 on your DIRECTV package.

Keep reading to learn more about Court TV and where to watch it.

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What Happened to Court TV?

What Channel is Court TV on DIRECTV? [Updated 2023] - Smart TechVille (1)

Court TV was first introduced in 1991 as a cable television channel that broadcasts crime documentaries, legal talk shows, and daytime trial sessions of popular crime cases. It maintained this show lineup until 2006, when Time Warner bought total control of the channel.

On July 11, 2007, the new administrators of Court TV announced that the channel had been rebranded as TruTV. Unlike Court TV, which focused on crime-related shows, TruTV would broadcast action-oriented reality series that hardly contained crime content.

That decision seemed to mark the end of Court TV.

But in 2018, Katz Broadcasting System declared that it would relaunch Court TV and broadcast crime-related programs on the channel. Today, the channel is accessible over the air, on streaming platforms, and on some cable channels.

What Channel is Court TV on DIRECTV?

Court TV is not available on DIRECTV. That said, the older Court TV, which has now been named Tru TV, is on channels 246 and 269 on DIRECTV.

Please note that Tru TV doesn’t broadcast crime content. Rather, the channel focuses on showing comedies, reality TV shows, and documentaries about professionals or residents in a specific location.

Where to Watch Court TV

You can watch Court TV on the following platforms:

1. Over-the-Air

Court TV is available as a local TV channel in US cities like Chicago, Idaho, and Illinois. Once you connect a digital TV antenna to your TV, you should be able to watch the channel for free.

If you can’t find the channel on your TV, go to the Court TV website and click on the navigation bar at the top left corner of the screen. Then, select Where to Watch.

Click on the map on the page until you find your city. You’ll see the Court TV channel number below your city name.

2. Cable Networks

Some cable networks offer Court TV on their channel lineup. Examples of such networks are Comcast, Charter Communications, and Skitter TV.

To check if Court TV is available on your cable network, tap on your city in the Where to Watch section. The cable network and channel number will appear on the Cable tab below your City name.

3. YouTube TV

If you don’t want to get a digital antenna or subscribe to a cable network, you can watch Court TV on YouTube TV. Watching the channel on YouTube TV is even more convenient because you don’t need to install any wires. Besides, you don’t need a TV to watch YouTube TV. You can access your account on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop for just $64.99 monthly.

4. Roku TV

Roku TV is another streaming service that offers Court TV. All you have to do is to download the Roku TV app, subscribe to the service, and add Court TV to your list of channels.

Once you log in to your Roku TV account, you’ll be able to watch all the shows on Court TV.

5. Apple TV

Court TV is also available on Apple TV. Like Roku TV, you just have to download the Apple TV app, subscribe to the streaming service, and log in to start watching Court TV.

The good news is Apple TV offers most of the channels available on other streaming services. So, you should consider the service if you want to save money on your TV subscription bill.

6. Samsung TV

Samsung TV lets its viewers watch Court TV through the Samsung TV Plus app. To add Court TV to your Samsung TV plan, open your Samsung Smart Hub and search for Court TV. Once you find the channel, add it to your smart hub.

You should be able to view Court TV from your Samsung TV Plus app now.

7. Amazon Firestick TV

Although you can’t watch Court TV from Amazon Firestick directly, it supports most of the streaming apps that show Court TV. So, you just have to download your streaming app to the TV to start viewing Court TV on your Firestick.

What to Watch on Court TV

Court TV has some popular shows that you won’t be able to resist watching. Some of these shows are:

Accomplice to Murder

In this series, Vinnie Politan, a Court TV presenter, interviews murder accomplices to discover their perspectives on their cases and trial verdicts. Some of these characters aren’t guilty of the crimes they’ve been accused of committing. But they all share one feature: They tell a different story than what is generally believed about their cases.

Someone They Knew

Someone They Knew explores the premise that murders are rarely committed by random people. This show follows the case of people who become murdered by a familiar person. TV Host Tamron Hill tells the story from the point of view of people who are involved in the case — the victim’s loved ones, law enforcement officers, jurors and lawyers.

Watch Someone They Knew on Court TV on Sundays at 9 pm ET.

Rampage Killers

In Rampage Killers, investigators, psychologists, and survivors, conduct an interview with Jeffrey Wade Wallace, the man behind the Las Vegas shooting massacre. This show helps us discover why our understanding of a rampage killer’s psyche is crucial in preventing the next mass murder.

From the Bench with Judge Ashley Wiscott

From the Bench follows renowned lawyer Judge Ashley Wiscott as she reacts to famous cases —ranging from murder, theft, manslaughter, and even Young Thug’s street gang case. She also explains how certain lawsuits work to improve our understanding of the verdict.

Doomsday Couple

Doomsday Couple is the story of Lori Vallow Daybell and Chad Daybell, a couple who claimed to be searching for their two missing children. Now, they are facing accusations of murdering their children and Chad’s ex-wife. The couple has also been linked to other crimes related to the deaths of their previous spouses.

Judgement with Ashleigh Banfield

In this series, a famous reporter explores and explains the most popular cases in the US, from their trials up to their verdicts.

Mystery on a Snake Farm

Lynee Renick, a farmer’s wife in rural Missouri, is accused of murdering her husband. Mystery on a Snake Farm follows the investigation and trial of her case.


Remember OJ Simpson, the former NFL player who faced trial for murder, kidnapping and robbery? OJ25 retells the trial from the perspective of the original key players.

The Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

Ahmaud Arbery is a 25-year-old black man who was pursued and murdered by three white men. The Killing of Ahmaud Arbery takes viewers through the murder trial of these men until the presiding judge hands them life sentences—with only one of them getting the chance of parole.

Hollywood Predator

Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, has always been rumored to request sex favors from young actresses seeking roles in his films. In 2017, these rumors became allegations that prompted his criminal trial for sexual assault. Hollywood Predator takes a deep dive into his case and the stories of the assaulted women.

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Wrapping Up

Don’t give up on watching Court TV just because it isn’t on DIRECTV. Get a digital antenna or subscribe to a streaming service to enjoy the shows on the channel.

What Channel is Court TV on DIRECTV? [Updated 2023] - Smart TechVille (2024)
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