Cochise County Arrest, Court, and Public Records | (2024)

What are Cochise County Public Records?

Cochise County public records are records that were created and maintained by public officials in the county. Interested parties may request, examine, and obtain copies of the records by submitting a request to the county clerk's office.

In addition to government agencies, some public records may also be accessible from third-party websites. These non-government platforms come with intuitive tools that allow for comprehensive searches. Record seekers may either use these tools to search for a specific record or multiple records. However, users will need to provide enough information to assist with the search, such as:

  • The name of the subject involved in the record (subject must be older than 18 or not juvenile)
  • The address of the requestor
  • A case number or file number (if known)
  • The location of the document or person involved
  • The last known or current address of the registrant

Third-party sites are not sponsored by government agencies. Because of this, record availability and results may vary.

Cochise County Crime Rates and Statistics

The Access Integrity Unit of the Arizona Department of Public Safety compiles and publishes crime statistics for all counties in the state. In 2017, the county recorded one murder, 38 rapes, 35 robberies, and 392 aggravated assaults. Property crimes in the county included 392 burglaries, 2185 larceny thefts, 144 motor vehicle thefts, and eight arsons.

How to Obtain Cochise County Criminal Records

The Criminal History Records Section of the Arizona Department of Public Safety serves as a central repository for criminal history and arrest records for Cochise County and other counties in the state of Arizona.

The Applicant Team conducts fingerprint-based state and federal criminal history background checks for authorized agencies and may be contacted at (602) 223-2223 for more information.

Individuals wishing to review their Arizona criminal record to check the accuracy and completeness of the record can do so free of charge. Requestors may download and mail the completed Record Review Packet to:

Arizona Department Of Public Safety
Criminal History Records Unit
P.O. Box 18450
Phoenix, AZ 85005-8450

The record review packet contains:

  • Instructions.
  • A blank applicant fingerprint card.
  • A contact information sheet.
  • A pre-addressed return envelope.

A response, including a copy of any existing criminal record information, will be mailed to the requester within 15 days of receipt of the completed Record Review Packet.

How to Obtain Cochise County Police Records

The Records Division of the Cochise County Sheriff's Office provides copies of police/incident reports to citizens requesting them. To obtain copies of a record by mail, interested persons must send a written request including the name, address, phone number, report number, and appropriate payment to the following address:

Cochise County Sheriff's Office
Attention: Records Division
205 North Judd Drive
Bisbee, AZ 85683

Copies of offense and accident reports are free for individuals involved in the incidents described. For others, the Records Division charges $3 per report for the first ten pages and $0.50 for each additional page. Payment may be by cash, money order, cashier's check, or business check are accepted. Credit cards are accepted in person only with proof of identification.

How to Find Cochise County Sex Offender Information

The Arizona Department of Public Safety maintains a searchable database that provides interested parties with access to information on registered sex offenders and sexual predators in Coconino County and the state of Arizona. Interested persons may search the database by the name of the offender or the Zipcode of the location where they are residents to see sex offenders in their vicinity.

How to Find Cochise County Jail and Inmate Information

The Cochise County jail is a correctional facility with the main jail in Bisbee and two temporary substations; one in Sierra Vista and the other in Willcox. The following are their addresses and contact information:

Cochise County Main Jail
203 North Judd Drive
Bisbee, AZ 85603
Phone: (520) 432-7540

Sierra Vista Jail
911 Coronado Drive
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Phone: (520) 458-3311

Willcox Prison
450 South Curtis Avenue
Willcox, AZ 85643
Phone: (520) 384-7070

The Cochise County main jail publishes the names of inmates currently in the facilities. Check the jail roster to view inmates incarcerated in the centers.

Friends and loved ones can deposit money to inmates' commissary accounts in person at the main jail lobby kiosk or by mail. Interested persons may call (520) 432-7540 for queries regarding the process.

What are Court Records?

The Superior Court is the highest trial court in Cochise County. The Clerk of Court maintains all records of the six divisions of the superior court. Records that are searchable and available to the public include civil, criminal, probate, adoption, divorce, and domestic relations records. The clerk charges $30 for certified copies and $0.50 for each additional copy.

Interested persons may contact the clerk at the following addresses:

Bisbee Office
100 Quality Hill Road
P.O. Box CK
Bisbee, AZ 85603
Phone: (520) 432-8600

Sierra Vista Office
100 Colonia De Salud
Suite 200
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Phone: (520) 803-3060

Cochise county superior court divisions and their contact information are as follows:

Division I
100 Quality Hill
Bisbee, AZ 85603
Phone: (520) 432-8540

Mailing Address:
P.O. Drawer CG
Bisbee, AZ 85603

Division II
100 Colonia de Salud,
Suite 203
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

Division III
4 Ledge Avenue
Administration Building
Bisbee, AZ 85603
Phone: (520) 432-8530

Division IV
100 Quality Hill
Bisbee, AZ 85603
Phone: (520) 432-8520

Division V
100 Quality Hill
Bisbee, AZ 85603
Phone: (520) 432-8480

Division VI
100 Colonia de Salud, Suite 202
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Phone: (520) 803-3320

There are six Justice Courts in Cochise County. They have civil, criminal, and traffic divisions. Their addresses and contact info are as follows:

Bisbee Justice Court #1
207 North Judd Drive
Bisbee, AZ 85603
Phone: (520) 432-9540
Fax: (520) 432-5271

Douglas Justice Court #2
1012 N. G Avenue
Douglas, AZ 85607
Phone: (520) 805-5640
Fax: (520) 364-3684

Benson Justice Court #3
126 W. 5th Street
Benson, AZ 85602
Phone: (520) 586-8100
Fax: (520) 586-8117

Willcox Justice Court #4
450 S. Haskell Avenue
Willcox, AZ 85643
Phone: (520) 384-7000
Fax: (520) 384-7019

Sierra Vista Justice Court #5
100 Colonia de Salud
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Phone: (520) 803-3800
Fax: (520) 439-9106

Bowie Justice Court #6
201 North Central Ave
Bowie, AZ 85605
Phone: (520) 847-2303
Fax: (520) 847-2242

Are Property Records Open to the Public in Cochise County?

In compliance with Arizona Public Records Law, property records are public in Cochise County and are always available to members of the public for viewing and retrieval. The Cochise County Recorder is responsible for maintaining property records within the county. The Cochise Recorder is located at:

1415 Melody Lane, Building B
Bisbee, AZ 85603
Phone: (520) 432-8350
Toll-Free Phone: (888) 457-4513

The Recorder's office is open from Monday through Friday between 8 am - 5 pm.

Where and How to Find Property Records in Cochise County

The Cochise County Recorder maintains property records as generated within the county. The County Recorder keeps property documents starting in 1985, and unofficial property records images are available starting in 2002. Interested persons can retrieve physical copies of property records generated on properties within the county from the office of the Recorder

How to Look Up Cochise County Property Records

The Cochise County Recorder's online search portal can be searched via the following search criteria: Pin, number of Parcel(s), Owner name - business name, first name, or last name, physical address - including street number, street name, and other landmark areas surrounding, size of the property in acres, the value of the property as declared by the assessor, the District where the property is cited, Lot, Block, Subdivision, Section, Township, Range and Parcel ID.

The county maintains a GIS portal that can be searched by subdivision and parcel ID.

Location of Cochise County Property Assessors

The following are the addresses and contact information of Cochise county property assessors

Main Office
1415 Melody Lane, Bldg. B
Bisbee, AZ 85603
Phone: (520) 432-8650

The main office is open from Monday through to Friday between the hours of 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Benson Satellite Office
126 W. 5th Street, Suite 7
Benson, AZ 85602
Phone: (520) 586-8170

The satellite office is open on Monday only between the hours of 8:30 am - 12 pm & 12:30 pm - 3:45 pm.

Cochise County Vital Records

Cochise County vital records refer to documents containing information regarding significant life events of county residents. They include divorce, marriage, birth, and death records. These records are typically maintained by the county's Superior Court clerk or the Department of Health.

Where and How to Obtain Cochise County Divorce Records

The Clerk of Superior Court maintains and processes requests pertaining to divorce and dissolution of the union. This is available via walk-in and view-only requests. To obtain a record in this regard, querying parties are required to visit the County Clerk's office at:

Bisbee Office
100 Quality Hill Road
P.O. Box CK
Bisbee, AZ 85603
Phone: (520) 432-8600

The copying fee is $0.50/page, and certified copy requests necessitate a fee of $27.

Where and How to Obtain Cochise County Marriage Records

Like divorce records, the clerk of court maintains the marriage record for all marriage licenses obtained from Cochise County. This document may be accessed in person at the address already listed above, by mail, or online.

For mail-in requests, a letter including the full names of the parties involved, approximate date of marriage, marriage license number, contact phone number, and email address should be sent to the custodian's office, along with a self-stamped envelope. Copying and certification fee is the same as divorce records. However, if the year of marriage is not known, an additional $30 must be included for research. Also, a self-help service center is available at no cost at the office, and requestors may opt to do the research themselves.

Where and How to Obtain Cochise County Birth and Death Records

The Cochise County Office of the Vital Records maintains and issues birth and death records for the county. These records may be obtained in person, by mail, or through expedited online services.

In-person, birth and death certificates can be requested at any of the county vital records office locations:

Bisbee Clinic
1415 Melody Lane,
Building A
Bisbee, AZ 85603
Phone: (520) 432-9400

Douglas Clinic
1012 North G Avenue,
Suite 101
Douglas, AZ 85607
Phone: (520) 805-5600

For mail-in requests, the requesting party must provide:

  • A completed application form for a certified copy of a birth certificate or death certificate,
  • A copy of the front and back of a valid government-issued picture identification that bears the requestor's signature or has a notarized signature.
  • Proof of eligibility.
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope
  • Appropriate fee. Acceptable payment methods are cashier's checks, money orders, Visa, or MasterCard.

Cash payments are not accepted. Cashier's check and money orders must be for the exact amount and made payable to the office of vital records. Payment by credit/debit card must include the full card number and expiration date for a search to be duly rendered.

Cochise County Arrest, Court, and Public Records | (2024)
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